Etihad Airways - EY (607). FAQ for agents

Booking information

  • How do I book a stopover in the UAE?
  • How do I book a flight with multiple destinations?
  • How do I book a flight for a group?
  • How do I book an Extra Legroom Seat?
  • What are my fare options or fare choices?
  • Booking Modification guide
  • Name correction on bookings
  • Flying with partner airlines


Baggage information

  • What is my maximum baggage allowance (for non-US/Canada flights)?
  • What is my baggage allowance for flights to/from the US/Canada?
  • What is the baggage allowance for tickets booked via Etihad Airways when one of the flights is operated by a partner airline?
  • What can guests take on the flight for free?
  • How much are excess baggage charges?
  • How do guests report lost or damaged baggage?
  • Does baggage go all the way through to my final destination if there is a stop?
  • What items are restricted on Etihad flights?
  • Travelling with musical instruments?
  • Travelling with sports equipment?
  • Travelling with pets?


Family travel and younger guests

  • Do different fares apply for children, depending on their age?
  • Child fares
  • From what age does a child require their own seat?
  • What is the minimum age that an infant can travel with Etihad?
  • Do you provide food for babies or children?
  • Can guests take baby food/milk on board the plane in my hand baggage?
  • Do you provide a baby bassinet onboard the plane?
  • Can guests use their child’s own car-seat onboard the plane?
  • Is the Flying Nanny available on all flights?
  • Can guests leave children with the Flying Nanny during the flight?
  • What is the age classification of Etihad's Unaccompanied Minors?
  • How do I book for Unaccompanied Minors?
  • Want to know more about Family Travel?
  • Travelling to and from South Africa?


Special needs and other services

  • Does Etihad offer any special meals onboard?
  • Travelling with special medical requirements?
  • Where can I download the MEDIF Form?
  • How do I request a wheelchair?
  • Up to what stage can a pregnant mother travel?
  • Where can I find an overview of your special services?


On ground and airport services

  • How do I book the Etihad Meet & Greet service?
  • Who can book the Etihad Chauffeur service?
  • Can I book and pay for an airport transfer?
  • Can I book the Etihad Chauffeur service less than 24 hours before my flight?
  • Who can book the Etihad Express coach service?
  • Can Etihad arrange for my UAE visa?
  • Where can I find information on visa requirements?
  • Can my guests use the lounges at the airport?
  • How do guests check in online?
  • Can guests check in online when they have special services added to their booking?
  • Can guests check in online when their flight is operated by a partner airline?
  • Where and when can guests check in?
  • When do guests check in for US flights?
  • What is the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility?


SuperSeller FAQs 

  • How long will it take to receive my membership upon enrollment?
  • What is a TID number?
  • What if I see an IATA mismatch error in my statement?
  • If I moved jobs can I keep my APIN/SuperSeller account?
  • Who can I contact if I have a redemption and PointsPay query?
  • Where can I find more details on PointsPay?
  • Can I claim miles if I forgot to insert my APIN into a reservation?
  • Who is eligible for SuperSeller membership?
  • Can I have more than one SuperSeller account?
  • Can I update my personal details on my SuperSeller account?
  • When can I start earning miles?
  • Can I earn miles on all Etihad Fare Choices?
  • Can I earn miles for flights booked on partner airlines and other airlines?
  • How can I check the miles I have earned?
  • Can I transfer my miles from the SuperSeller account to my Etihad guest account?
  • How can I redeem my SuperSeller miles?
  • Can I convert my miles to cash?
  • Can I redeem miles for air tickets?
  • How long are my SuperSeller miles valid for?
  • How can I find out more information on the SuperSeller programme?
  • How do I contact my local SuperSeller office?
  • Terms & Conditions


Extras and add-ons

  • What is an Extra Legroom Seat?
  • Who can book an Extra Legroom Seat?
  • Can I refund an Extra Legroom Seat?
  • How do I add excess baggage to my booking?



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