Lufthansa Group. Бесплатное перебронирование авиабилетов авиакомпаний OS, LH, LX, SN, EN и правила возврата и обмена билетов по причине распространения коронавируса COVID-19

Ввиду неопределенности в отношении планирования поездок из-за распространения коронавируса, авиакомпании Lufthansa Group предлагают пассажирам возможность бесплатно перебронировать свои поездки по всему миру.

Данное правило применимо к билетам,

  • выписанным до 5 марта 2020 года включительно на бланках OS / LH / LX / SN / EN
  • с датой вылета в период с 5 марта по 30 апреля 2020 года
  • при условии, что рейсы не были аннулированы.

C подробностями Вы можете ознакомиться на

Актуальная информация по странам ограничивающим въезд и трансфер размещена

в справочнике TIMATIC - раздел Passport, Visa & Health 

на официальном сайте IATA по ссылке  CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK IN CHINA


Lufthansa Group . Be quickly informed in case of flight irregularities

Whether it's bad weather conditions, industrial action or any other kind of disruptions, you'll find the latest updates here about last-minute schedule changes and cancellations, together with any related regulations.


Information for Lufthansa Group passengers from/to Northern Italy

Due to the spread of the corona virus in northern Italy, Lufthansa Group airlines offer travellers a goodwill rule.

Goodwill policy for rebooking/reissue of flights which are not cancelled – no refund permitted

The goodwill policy is applicable if following prerequisites are fulfilled:


with a booked flight between 24 February and 9 March 2020, whose OS/LH/LX/SN/EN ticket has been issued on/before 26 February 2020, and

with itineraries with origin or destination Bologna (BLQ), Genoa (GOA), Milan (MIL), Trieste (TRS), Turin (TRN), Verona (VRN) or Venice (VCE) and

Austrian Airlines/Lufthansa/SWISS/Brussels Airlines/Eurowings/Air Dolomiti flights (operated by OS/LH/LX/WK/SN/EW/4U/EN), or

Flights operated by other airlines (OAL) with OS/LH/LX/WK/SN/EW/4U/EN flight numbers (“code share”)

may rebook once free of charge.

The following rules apply to these rebookings:

For tickets with originin Bologna (BLQ), Genoa (GOA), Milan (MIL), Trieste (TRS), Turin (TRN), Verona (VRN) or Venice (VCE), one free rebooking is permitted. Change of origin is not permitted. Change of destination is not permitted.

For tickets with destination Bologna (BLQ), Genoa (GOA), Milan (MIL), Trieste (TRS), Turin (TRN), Verona (VRN) or Venice (VCE), one free rebooking is permitted.  Additionally, a change of destination to any EU country as listed below is permitted.

Rebooking on an alternative Lufthansa Group flight/connection (flight number and operated by: OS, SN, EW, 4U, LH, LX, WK, EN) – in the original booking class or, alternatively, in the originally ticketed compartment.

New travel date until 30 April 2020

The change of origin is not permitted.

Change of destination to another destination within Europe (AL, AM, AT, AZ, BA, BE, BG, BY, CH, CY, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, FI, FR, GB, GE, GR, HR, HU, IE, IL, IT, KG, KZ, LT, LU, LV, MD, ME, MK, MT, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, RS, RU, SE, SI, SK, UA, UZ) permitted free of charge. A change of destination is permitted only for flights operated by OS/LH/LX/WK/SN/EW/4U/EN (except for flights with origin Italy).

Original fare, YQ and taxes have to be carried forward to the new ticket. Exception: For EW operated flights: Repricing of the fare (at time of exchange) according to new routing/destination and booking class (RBD) is mandatory.   

In the case of reissues the endorsement entry should read: TWP 2005

For refunds of tickets that are not affected by flight cancellations, the fare conditions apply.

If you do the rebooking/reissue according to the goodwill policy yourself, a waiver by your Lufthansa Group Agency Support is needed. For any requests regarding Air Dolomiti (EN/101) tickets, please contact your Air Dolomiti Agency Support.

Last update:
27.02.2020 17:17



Entry restrictions for various countries due to the Coronavirus outbreak

Currently many countries are putting entry restrictions into place for passengers who have been in China within the last couple of weeks. This might also apply for passengers with People’s Republic of China passports. Entry restrictions are not aligned and differ from country to country. Some also include Hong Kong.

The airlines of the Lufthansa Group are requesting all passengers to urgently check the current travel and entry limitations of their final destination.

If your clients are affected by an entry restriction, please contact your Lufthansa Group Agency Support for rebooking or refund options.

Last update:
26.02.2020 08:52



Lufthansa Group extends flight suspensions to mainland China

After a thorough evaluation of all currently available information on the corona virus, Lufthansa Group has decided to suspend all Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS flights to and from Beijing (PEK) and Shanghai (PVG) until the end of the winter flight schedule on 28 March 2020. This means that all Lufthansa Group flights from/to China up to and including 28 March 2020 have been cancelled.

Flight operations to/from Hong Kong (HKG) will be reduced.

To ensure that Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS passengers affected by the flight cancellations have the opportunity to reach their destinations, there are rebooking options on flights operated by the joint venture partner Air China (CA), for example. Please contact your Lufthansa Group Agency Support for this.

Lufthansa Group rules for rebooking/reissue/refund of cancelled flights from/to Beijing (PEK), Shanghai (PVG), Nanjing (NKG), Qingdao (TAO) and Shenyang (SHE) up to and including 28 March 2020:

Customers affected by a flight cancellation can rebook free of charge or have their ticket refunded. You are welcome to make rebookings/reissues/refunds for cancelled flights on Austrian Airlines/Lufthansa/SWISS tickets yourself in accordance with the Flight irregularities policy for business partners (OS/LH/LX).

Brussels Airlines INVOL rules apply to Brussels Airlines tickets.

The Lufthansa Group airlines will continue to monitor the corona virus situation on an ongoing basis and are in contact with the responsible authorities.

Last update:
14.02.2020 08:41